Starting Weight 290 lbs – 02/18/2018

289.2 lbs

My starting weight at 12:00 a.m. c.s.t. on 02/18/2018 is 290 lbs.

 Exercise will be included in my daily living as well and getting up at approximately the same time each day.

From this moment on I will change my life.  I have acquired something today that I have been wanting for a long time now.  Now that I have purchased this I will not spend anymore money until my debts are paid off and I can afford to save for a car.  My versatility has increased and I am loving it. 

I will no longer look at pornography of any kind.  I will no longer consume the following foods; soda, hot chocolate, chocolate of any kind, cake, cake batter, cookies, cookie dough, brownies, brownie batter, banana bread, banana pudding, ice cream, stax potato chips, pringles, frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Wheeler’s Sausages, icee drinks, flavored shaved ice, popsicles, slushes, peanut butter crackers, jerky sticks, butterfinger, snickers, hohos, ding dongs, twinkies, cup cakes, cup cake batter, lifesavers, cry baby’s, cheese dip, or any other foods considered really heavily laden with sugar.

I will limit fast food and restaurant foods to only 1 time every 2 weeks.

I will walk a minimum of 30 minutes 3 nights a week.

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