Reasons I Want To Lose Weight

Here are several reasons I want to lose weight.  Something to look at in moments of weakness.

  • Being able to take a helicopter ride without paying extra.
  • Being able to get on a roller coaster ride without the guy putting all his weight into the restraint bar to securely fasten me in.
  • Being able to fit into an airplane seat without having to tuck in my arms to prevent my sides from overflowing the arm rests.
  • Being able to squat down without pain in my knees.
  • Being able to bend over without pain in my lower back.
  • Being able to get up and down without general pain.
  • Being able to find clothes that fit easily at the store without having to go online for fat people’s clothes.
  • To reduce the amount of sweat that I produce. *Fat People Generate Lot’s Of Heat*
  • To reduce the amount of skin folds that require washing between during showers.
  • To be able to wash more articles of clothing at one time. *Bigger Clothes Take Up More Room*
  • Not having people look at you like you are lazy.
  • Not having to constantly check weight restrictions for cruise line excursions.
  • To stop wearing out furniture so quickly. *Sagging Couch Cushions*
  • To be able to breath easier.
  • To not feel like I’m crushing my lungs when sleeping on belly.
  • To be able to go sky diving.
  • To fit into a wet suit easily.
  • To not have to worry about the weight limit of a ladder.
  • To prevent throwing my back out.
  • To stop the slow erosion of my knees and other joints.
  • To lower my food costs.

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