My life on the flip side!

So I’ve been doing some soul searching today.  If i were to add up the number of hours I’ve spent looking at pornography online.  I believe it would add up to months, maybe even a year or more.  It is but 1 more addiction that I have that will be difficult to overcome!  Add it to the food addiction and the shopping addiction and you have a whole mess of things to sort out.  Who knows, maybe all 3 all part of 1 big addiction that I have not yet come to terms with.  At the moment they appear as individual problems.

So how do I overcome those addictions that have plagued me since the early teenage  years?  I am still working that out.  So far my strategies have been to go cold turkey and simply not partake in these harmful activities.  To this day I have had difficulties doing so. 

However now that I better understand how much of my time, money, and relationships that all this have cost me I will be doing this once and for all!!!!!

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