Day 2 Complete!

  • Breakfast – 2 salmon patties
  • Snack – None
  • Lunch – Ham sandwich with a thin slice of cheese, 1 hot link sandwich, and some salad.
  • Snack – None
  • Dinner – 2 salisbury steaks (1 pound of 81% ground beef split into 7 patties), brown gravy, 1/2 potato mashed, and 1/2 serving of peas.
  • Exercise – Walked 2 miles down 44th and eastern.

Day 3 of walking and day 2 of new eating regime done.  I feel better today.  I’m not nearly as sore and I feel that I did well on my eating.  Maybe not as nutritious as I should be eating, but far better than I would otherwise.  Especially on payday.  I was invited to The Feast by Cole and McDonald’s by Dan.  I was able to resist temptation for now.

285.2 lbs today!

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