Day 1 Complete

Yesterday I went to the Oklahoma River and walked 2.7 miles on the trail beside the river.  My feet were wore out after walking that far.  It had been a while since I’ve walked a good distance all at once.


  • Breakfast – Nothing
  • Snack – Nothing
  • Lunch – 1 Turkey Sandwich, and 1 Hot Link Sandwich
  • Snack – Nothing
  • Dinner – 3 Corn Tortilla Tacos
  • Exercise – 2 Mile walk down SE 44th and South on Eastern

Today’s walk was hard.  I was very sore from yesterdays walk as well as going to work at 7am on the 5th of the month.  I didn’t leave work until 6:30pm, so almost 12 hours on the job.  Blah!

It was hard but I persevered through the pain. 

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