About Me

Hello, my name is Jeremy.

I’ve been fighting a war against morbid obesity most of my life, beginning in my early teens.  My love of food is only out shined by my love for animals.  I volunteered at a local zoo for over 10 years and had the time of my life with the big cats under my care

So you might be wondering what this site contains.  Well it is a place for my to post the various wanderings of my brain.  In the past I’ve posted many entries regarding my struggle with weight loss.  I’ve created and then deleted many posts regarding the starting date of my new way of life.

So if you are interested in my weight loss successes, defeats and struggling in general.  Feel free to stick around and comment. 

If for some reason you want to harass, belittle, discriminate, or just flat out be mean.  Please go somewhere else and leave me alone!

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